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Thursday, May 10, 2007

What A Week Thus Far!!

Howdy Blogfans!!!

My week has been filled with extra shifts at work & a trip to the doctors for a workplace accident.

Started out innocently enough, I was perched on a stoll packing cigarettes into the case, lent down to pick up the catergory sheet that had fallen off my register,wheels rolled on stool, I land flat on my ass & smack my head into a shelf!!! OUCH!! First thing I noticed was the bloody camera & one of the girls I work with lauighing her ass off! Was a funny thing at the time. Went out to the office to fill out incident report,filled it out with a headache from bump to head. 90 minutes later vision started to blur, so they took me to the injurycase doctor. Injury sustained: Bruise to back of head & slight concussion. Oh yeah & wounded pride LOL

Not much else has been happening this week. Work has dominated my life until yesterday. Not even much int he way of scrapping has been done. 1 LO is all. I have one due Saturday morning, so I better get cracking when I get home later this evening.

I had better get some lunch & atart getting organised, I work for a whole 3 hours this afternoon.

Blog later

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Weekend Is Over *pout*

Well yesterday I rejoiced in the weekend being here & now it is over dammit!!! I have scrapped all weekend so I have to be happy with that.

I also did some thinking whilst scrapping, I am going to start my week with a few new thoughts. On a friend's blog she always posts 5 things to be grateful Iam going to take her lead & end each entry on that note.

I got some fabulous news yesterday before I went to bed. A LO of mine has been picked up for publication for an online magazine. I am sooooooooooooo excited by this. The e-zine is called Scrapstreet, my LO will be there in June. Only one scrapping ambition left to conquer....still have 7 months of the year left for that though.

Here is what I have worked on this weekend:

Anyway I am off to bed, early start & a long day tomorrow. Blog soon.

5 Things To Be Grateful For:

1. My darling children for making me smile & teaching me things all the time.

2. My husband - for loving me jsut as I am

3. Friends - new & old

4. Finding contentment within today

5. Music that makes me smile.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Weekend Is Here WOOOHOOO!!

I am so over this week it is not funny. Between people at work driving me to distraction with their attitude changes as soon as they get the 'boss boots' on right through to roster favouritism's. I went & saw the CSM this afternoon before my shift & asked her point blank if she had issue with me due to the lack of shifts I receive in comparison to one of the other girls who gets 38 hours every week. She then informed me that a person whom I thought was a friend had told her I only wanted the short shifts, not the 9 hour ones!! I was like WTF??? So after explaining that I do indeed want long shifts as well I now have a roster for this coming week I am happy to have, 32 hours YAY!

Went to the LSS for some much needed scrapfest time with the girls before work this morning. At first I was not real happy with the LO chosen as I it was a little tooooo basic for my tastes. If you have seen my work then you cans ee I love my layers, textures & not so bright colours. So i doctored mine to suit me LOL. The result is this:

I am thinking of going to scrap some more tonight. I have a few projects I have been putting off, so maybe time to get to it. I managed to get my week 9 challenge done for the Embellished BTB Challenge:

Well not much else to blog atm, I am ready for food though....hmmm what to have for dinner?
Catch ya's

Thursday, May 03, 2007


I have been tagged by a gorgeous woman I know, Maree. So I guess cos it is her I better do this LOL.

Here are the rules: each player must write 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to blog about their 7 things and post the rules as well. At the end of the blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

So now for my 7 things:

1. I once sang in a band in high school .... can't sing to save myself now though.

2. I was a teen mum.

3. My favourite clothing is my pj's.

4. I love my engagment ring above all other pieces of my jewellery.

5. My mind is blank for these 7 things lol

6. My favourite munchie treat is Marshmallows but only Pascall ones.

7. I need to sleep at least 2 hours every day, it is now at that point I am beginning to think something is wrong with me.

Ok I now tag:

My new partner in crime Jane , The gorgeous girls from Embellished: Julie, Tam & Ali. Everyone else has been tagged already..sheeesh LOL

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A New Look Blog

Well hi there blogsters,

Yeah I know I so suck at keeping this thing updated. A fair amount has happened since I blogged last.


Hubby is still alive with all appendages intact. He admitted his wrongdoing (yes I have it in writing LOL) turning over a new leaf yada yada yada.

James is back home , cruising through life as all teens do. Driving me insane as they do.

Rest of the tribe all good.

I have been busy with my life since last blogging. trying to organise myself into a job I enjoy without the high school attitudes of those I work with. I may never get another job *sigh*

On the scrap front:

I have been enjoying the BTB challenge on Embellished. It has been a very gut wrenching journey but one I am so glad to be on. The other women are truly amazing.

My most exciting news is concerning my all time fave scrapbooking store The Scrapbook Establishment, Annette is the most gorgeous person & has asked me as well as 3 other fabulous women to head up her forum when it starts in a few weeks. You all so have to join there. There will be al lsorts of fun to be had there.

On an American site I frequent with the fabulous Sarah Gladman has asked me to be the May Featured Scrapper. Talk about exciting for me!!

Also on another fab site I am sure every scrapper in the world goes too SB.Com I have started having my LO's as featured there as well as being a featured artist. Now some of you may scoff at my excitement but for me it is a huge deal. For so long I have often felt my work is nowhere near good enough & all of a sudden I have come into my own. Now to crack a DT & all my scrapping dreams will have come true.

Hmmm not much else to add here. Life is wonderful once again.

Oh before I go, I need to thank a chicky I have only just met but she cracks me up & I can so tell we are going to run riot together, Jane..thanks for your help with redoing my blog hunny!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Life Required

All options considered!!

The last week has been horrendous both emotionally & mentally.

Been a long week here. Let me recap the madness of my life.

Sunday: Easter egg hunt with kids, a peaceful day had by all.

Monday: Major house cleaning being done by all family. Oldest DS refuses to clean his room when asked why he said he forgot! Mum gets cranky & tells him that it is not good enough. Son runsaway from home. Son logs into msn at mates house, tells mum he will be home by Wednesday.

Tuesday: Wife catches Husband flirting with another, including picture swapping. Wife kicks husband oput of family home. Wife sobs herself into oblivion, throws husbands clothes outside onto front lawn.

Wednesday: Go to work, no sign of oldest DS. Nobody has heard from him including best mate. Husband tries to placate wife with apologies, wife tells him it is all just words.

Thursday: Been awake most of the night stressing of over situation with DS & DH. Crying has given massive headache & no solution to heartaches. Call police in regards to DS, call DH to go with wife to file Missing Persons report on DS. 2 hours later with report complete, we hit the streets with best mates parents & best mate. Find no trace of DS...panic is official. Girlfriend takes panic striken mum for some much needed time out & picture printing escapade at Harvey Norman. Whilst there mum receives a phone call indicating that wayward DS has returned home. Drive home rather quickly to encounter hostile teen. Pack teen DS into car to take to Police Station so they can visually verify that he is in fact alive &well. DS has carved up his left arm with a broken glass bottle he found in the gutter *more stress required* Police give talking to DS who seems uninterested in anything we have to say. Return home, DH takes this as a sign that DW has in fact forgiven his misdeeds, gets rude shock when told this is not hte case at all.

Friday: Work beckons, helps to make things a bit better for mum/wife. Scrapping alleviates some of the stress that night.

Saturday: Working again, more scrapping. DS is ok after many hours of talking with mum,dad & surrogate parents *best mates parents* DH begs for another chance from wife, she asks for time & counselling in regards to the final misdeed. DH is told if he reoffends, marriage is over...wife finds it very hard to admit she can no longer deal with all this mess. Wife asks DH to move out for the interim so she can get herself together.

Sunday: Scrapping for therapy.

So, now you are all up to date on my week.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Life Or Something Like It

Well people I guess I should update this thing so everyone knows just what is happening in my little world.

One word for you..........................ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok to start with:

Justin & I are doing well....clearing the air totally is always a godo thing I have learnt. We vented after the last post & both got a heck of a lot of stuff off our chests. I felt better & am suddenly feeling a taf mor esecure in our relationship. We are trying to spend more time with just 'US'. No kids, No TV, NO computers, just him & I talking together. It is pretty damn nice if the truth be told.

The kids, well that is a mixed bag of crapola. Justin jnr & Rebekkah have had their birthdays....turning 14 & 10 respectively. It is hard as a mother to realise they are no longer babies but still not old enough to make wise choices. Jessica is her normal cheeky happy self. She is truly my blessing atm...the only thing that keeps me sane some days.

James...............where do I begin there? He has suffered a breakdown of sorts. I was called by the school a few weeks ago to go & collect him as he had broken down in tears in the middle of class for no apparent reason. I collected him & tried to talk to him to no avail. I managed to convince him to see the school counsellour & talk with him,. he did that & said he felt a bit better. I then had my checkup with my GP about my depression this Tuesday just past & told her my fears of seeing the depression symptoms in my son...she made an emergency appointment to see him that afternoon. I was so happy that someone wanted to help me fix this broken child. She spoke with James about the depression & that it was ok to admit to it, deal with it & still live a normal full life. We are off to see a specialist teen psychologist as well. Though tonight I read on his blog (which is naughty I know but it is the only way I can get an 'honest' look at his feelings) to find my son is thinking of self harm & not wanting to live at all. Petrified comes straight to my mind. I really do not know how to handle this or dealwith it. I printed off the blog entry & I am going to show it to our GP tomorrow. I want my son to be whole again. I just wish it was going to be an easy journey but I know it to be true that it is going to be far from easy.

Ok other then that I do have some FANTABULOUS news. Here is the link to where we are going to be:
We won a HOLIDAY to the COOK ISLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY for us.

Work...well it still sucks rocks but not much I can do about that now is there? LOL Anyway I am off to bed....long day tomorrow....we go to an awards night to collect our prize wooohoooo!!